Here at Karuta Sportswear we have a real passion to design something exclusive for our clients. I am asked on a regular basis for a catalogue, quite simply we do not produce one for our bespoke wear.

We take the time to speak with clubs, societies and associations so that we have an idea of what they want. After all it is their shirt so they should have an input into the design.

We look at the history, location and achievements of the club and on consultation where appropriate incorporate these features. The days of deciding whether you want a plain shirt or one with hoops is long gone it is far more complicated and detailed than that! We have regular interaction with our clients to achieve the playing kit that they want.

Here at Karuta we have built a reputation for outlandish tour shirts as well as the classic style. We discuss what you want as a tour shirt and literally anything goes, from Superman to a Blazer and Dicky Bow combination the choice is yours. Our designers will assist you in finalising your design.

Karuta specialises in designing what you want. This is why we do not have a playing kit brochure. Every club we supply has a unique designed playing kit that only that club will wear.
So if you want a one off playing kit contact us and we will discuss how we can help.

Pink? This seems to be the in colour for 7’s teams. Either a pink based shirt or somewhere on the shirt pink seems to feature. Karuta does more, in fact any colour any design combination.
Contact us for personal design help so that you have that 7’s kit that you want.

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